Matt’s Back–and Reading from The Way You Are

Matthew would like to apologise for the lack of updates here at, it’s been a rather stressful time over here–Matt’s been struck down with Bronchitis and then moved house. When we say moved, we mean bought and renovated, so it’s been a while since he’s managed to anything except get well and stress about moving.

In the interim he’s been around the web, and we hope to bring you some of his guest posts and appearances shortly — for you you can check out a reading of his novella The Way You Are, which¬† he recorded at a creative type meet up in Melbourne and keep and eye out for more updates from the man himself.

We’ve also received a positive reply from Joy FM regarding his complaint to them, although he says he’s lost the email during a computer upgrade. He did however, tell us that the issue was caused by an unfortunate juxtaposition where a guest host was talking with a guest DJ who wanted to leverage the song to talk about issues with 457 visas in Australia. Joy policy is to stay out of politics and the guest host quickly shut down that avenue of talk, but that left the juxtaposition open to the obvious (and unfortunate) interpretation. Both guest DJ and guest host have since undergone additional media training.

Matt also advises he’s once again happy to listen to Joy and will likely look at renewing his membership once he gets his tax return back this year.



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