An Open Letter to Joy 94.9


Subject: Racist Music Choices

Dear Joy FM

Sometime between 3 an 4 PM today, Alex and Andy Mac put on a track that was a country style piece “About the 457 Visas” that are currently in use. I believe it was called something like “Aliens among us”. It essentially glorified segregation and suggested the best way to deal with the situation was to kill the aliens, who were depicted as having non Anglo Saxon features.

Given the explanation of the purpose of the song, I find it hard to believe Joy allowed the song to be aired and given the complete lack of tongue in cheek sarcasm or humour, it’s very difficult to interpret the song as anything beyond racist. I fully appreciate the 457 visas are a contentious issue. I agree there appear to be loopholes and perhaps people should do more to stand up to the mining magnates and ensure the government doesn’t bow to their lobbying. Vilifying the individuals entering the country on such a visa is neither helpful nor an action taken by members of society accepting and supporting diversity, and it is saddening that such an action was taken by radio presenters on Joy FM today.

While I’m sure further parallels could easily be drawn between the attitudes expressed in the song with the still racist attitudes expressed by a portion of the queer community, I doubt there was that much thought put into the song choice. I would like to think that the entire incident stemmed from a lack of thought, rather than malice, but even in that best case scenario, one would have to question if there is an element of unconscious racism in such a choice, the same way that the queer community still struggles against unconscious homophobia.

I don’t have much to say other than that I am deeply disappointed by the song choices on air today, and I have to admit I do feel a little betrayed by a radio station that has been founded upon the idea of inclusivity and being a voice for a marginalised minority group. I also know that this one program is not the entire station, but I cannot with good conscious continue to support Joy FM if music that vilifies and stereotypes another group to the extent of advocating their deaths is allowed to be played on air.

Warm Regards

Matthew Lang

NB: Andy Mac and Alex’s program is Three Chords and the Truth, broadcast on Sunday between 2 and 4, which is when I will not be tuning in.



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