Book Expo Australia!

The Bookshop Window

It feels like it’s been forever since I’ve updated my blog. It’s true, I’ve been a bad boy and neglecting this space while I went and built up Queermance, and that’s still going. But right now I’m on my way back to Sydney, where you might recognise this wonderful window on Oxford Street. I probably won’t have much time to party through, as I’m off to hang out at Book Expo Australia out at Sydney Olympic Park. I’ve been invited to hang out at the Clan Destine Press Booth (J01 near the food court) by my friend and publisher Lindy Cameron, and I’ll be there to talk Queermance, possibly sell some books and wander around as someone enjoying a book event rather than the crazy guy in the background pulling all the strings. If you’d like to join me visit the website and grab a ticket–they’re insanely reasonable and range from free entry for sprogs up to a whopping $8.50 for adults.

Book Expo Australia
When – 30/31 August 2014
Where – Exhibition Hall 5, Sydney Showground, Sydney Olympic Park, NSW 2127. 10AM-5:30PM