It’s Official!

The program is up and the verdict is in: Yes Matthew will be appearing in Newcastle at the National Young Writers’ Festival, doing two panels and one reading. All events are free, so there’s no excuse not to attend!

Fri 30th September: Super Sad Pomo Love Story: Writing Earnest Fiction in the Ironic Age

Panel: 16:00-17:30
Customs House, 1 Bond Street, Newcastle East

Let’s Talk About Sex. Or not. Who’s writing the Love Stories of our generation? And why are they bothering? Sentimental enthusiasts and cynical deniers take on the biggest theme of all.

Facilitator: Alice Gage
Artists: Naomi Stekelenberg & Matthew Lang & Chad Parkhill

Sat 1st October: Boy Meets Boy, Girl Meets Girl and then meet Boi: Queer Young Adult Fiction

Panel: 12:00-13:30
Location: The Royal Exchange, 32-34 Bolton Street, Newcastle East

Writers of LGBTQ YA fiction and queer theory buffs talk about hitting the double whammy of coming-of-age and coming out, school censorship and the dangers of getting pigeonholed

Facilitator: Matthew Lowe (BURN Writers’ Collective)
Artists: Alasdair Duncan & Chad Parkhill & Matthew Lang & Brendan Lindsay (BURN Writers’ Collective)

Sun 2nd October: Here’s Where I Think I Went Wrong

Panel: 21:30-23:00
The Royal Exchange, 32-34 Bolton Street, Newcastle East

Our own NYWF artists read stories about that fatal turning point where things went from bad to really really bad.

Artists:  Matthew Lang & Patrick O’Neil & Simon McInerney