Now Screening: Confessions of a Drunkard

It’s been a while, but we can now show you Confessions of a Drunkard, Matthew’s screen debut. Filmed for the 48 Hour Film Festival, Confessions of a Drunkard made it to the finals before being beaten by some very stiff competition. It’s finally made it onto YouTube, and more to the point, we’re now allowed to show it to you, so enjoy. In case you’ve missed it, Matt’s the one in the rainbow t-shirt. We’ll try to slip you some pictures if we can get Matt to agree not to fire us for it. We will be slipping you cover art from his newest novella shortly. It’s just about ready to go and The Way You Are is slated for a January release at the moment, but it might be pushed back if the edits drag out.

In other news, Archbishop Desmond Tutu has urged Uganda to reject its ‘Kill the Gays’ bill, likening it to the apartheid Africa fought so long to reject, scientists have found homosexual behaviour in male animals makes them more attractive to female animals (okay, at least in fish), and Simon & Schuster have launched a new self-publishing arm brought to you by the Author Solutions crew–they who rip off would-be authors for thousands of dollars and take half of any sales that eventuate. Here’s a tip: avoid them.

Here’s to a happy holiday season, whatever season you’re actually in, or what season the weather thinks you’re in. Currently Australia is fluctuating between spring cold and summer heat, and we’re trying to convince Matthew to spend more time writing and less time at the beach with his new man. Maybe the storms will help. Or not. In any case, check back soon for more writerly goodness and hopefully a cover art reveal or two.

If you’re in Melbourne, Australia and feel like making a film or two, check out the Film By Democracy crew.