So You Want To Write Man on Man Erotic Romance

One of the questions that Matthew always gets asked is ‘How did you get published’, to which his typical response is ‘Well I submitted my manuscript and eventually they said yes’. The follow up question is often ‘How do you know when your manuscript is ready for submission?’ and his unfortunately, his typical response so far has been ‘I just do’, although we suspect he’s going to think up a better one now.

Anyway, the point is sometimes you want to get some professional advise, some feedback, some professional advice. Now there are plenty of manuscript assessment services out there, but you never know if the people running them are qualified, give good advice or will even help you get published. What you really want is to get an actual editor from an actual publishing house to look at your work and give you some actual feedback, as opposed to a form rejection letter. But you can’t get that.

Well, actually you can. Just this once.

Kris Jacen, Senior Editor at MLRIn support of Brenda Novak’s 2012 auction to raise funds to help cure diabetes, Kris Jacen, Senior Editor of MLR Press is offering one M/M Erotic Romance Manuscript assessment. The evaluation will include detailed feedback, suggestions, and if the manuscript is executed well in Kris’s opinion, an offer to publish from MLR Press. We would like to point out that as Senior Editor, Kris reads every single manuscript before it goes to press, and is one of the two women responsible for deciding what will or will not published by MLR. So yes, she’s qualified, gives good advice, and can help you get published. All you need to do is win the auction, give some money to a great cause, and submit your manuscript to her by October 2012.

So if you’ve thought about writing, and would like a leg up, go on and make a bid. Opportunities like this don’t come along every day.