You can’t stop the beat!

Better late than never, and as a kind of anniversary thing, I went to see Hairspray the Musical today (well, technically last night, but whatevs, I’m still really happy and pumped), with my partner and my NaNo friend Mousie. And it was fantastic. Worth the wait, given I was working through the entire summer, and I now want that set. I am seriously in love with the Hairspray set. I want those amazing, amazing screens that they used for animated backgrounds. If you haven’t seen it, go see it. It’s about to head to Sydney, but is around for another three days in Melbourne, and I’m sure it’ll tour Australia eventually, so make sure you catch it. Interestingly, I think Heath Keating from So You Think You Can Dance Australia has joined the cast. Last time I checked he was doing dance shows at ARQ in Sydney for the gay boys. Possibly they did some recasting for the Sydney season.

I have to say, after the movie, well, I wish they’d been able to work in ‘Ladies’ Choice’, because it’s an awesome song, but seeing the theatrical version… I now want the Broadway soundtrack, and I can see how the songs fit together on stage. If nothing else, see this show before Trevor Ashley leaves the cast, because he is amazing as Edna Turnblad.

We also had NotNaNo drinks which was attended by quite a few people who I haven’t seen since the end of November, and I am so missing them right now. Need to do some more catch ups. Maybe not every week, but every month or so would be nice. Bring on November already, I want more NaNo!

In other interesting news, I’ve opened talks with the Melbourne Rainbow Band about having some music available at my book launch. I’m hoping to turn it into a bit of a community fundraiser, possibly for the ALSO Foundation, and I’ve already got one visual artist on board for a charity auction, and hopefully I can get at least one more. I’ll post more once I get some more details nailed down, but that’s going to have to wait until after the weekend…I’ve got the Williamstown Literary Festival to get through first! Fingers crossed it all goes well!