The Secret of Talmor Manor @ Top2Bottom

The Secret of Talmor Manor Cover

Kathy of Top2BottomReviews has had a squizz at The Secret of Talmor Manor, and she’s given it a rating of four kisses (out of five) and the cover four out of five as well!

“It didn’t take very long for me to find myself lost—all in the best way of course—in Matthew Lang’s The Secret of Talmor Manor. And lost is a good description, because it’s not just us, but Jake as well, struggling to discover what is going on. What’s better is that we have front-row seats to the untangling of the mystery. And tangled it is! Lang does a fantastic job keeping—okay me, he kept me—guessing right up to the end.”


There’s also a bit of an interview over here, if you’re interested in seeing what goes on in my strange mind at any given point in time.