Matthew Attending: Goodreads M/M Romance Group February Catch Up

Matthew is planning on attending the Goodreads M/M Romance Group February catch up this Saturday the 16th of February. If you’d like to come along to chat with other readers of queer fiction–and a few Aussie Authors, like Matthew and Isabelle Rowan, feel free to come along as well.

Blue Train Cafe

The catch up is lunch at Blue Train Cafe in Southbank, starting at 1 PM. If you arrive early there will be a gathering in the food court below the cafe from 12 noon. It’s nothing formal, just a chilled day out with cool people who love books.

Where: Blue Train Cafe, MR5 Mid Level, Southgate Landing, Southbank, VIC 3205
When: Saturday 16th February, 1 PM.
Cost: Whatever you order for lunch.

For more information, visit the Goodreads thread here (Goodreads account and membership of the group required).



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