Summa Gone and New Opportunities

God I feel like I haven’t sat down to write properly in ages. It’s probably the whole Midsumma festival thing. Having recently moved back into the inner suburbs I was not only able to make my first Midsumma appearance as an author at Hares & Hyenas‘ Word is Out festival–well okay, second counting the banQuetPress Anthology launch, but first appearance as an Official Festival Guest (capitals not optional), and also got to go to a lot of events I would otherwise have missed out on. So to all my writing, geeky, queer, Canadian and just plain awesome friends I’ve spent time with over the past month: thank you, I love you all. It’s almost sad to wind down and notice the weather changing away from the blistering hot days of sunburning intensity, but it’s also been a joy to be able to sit down and crack open my Prophecy file and start writing again. I will conquer you yet elusive second book!

Also, I have recently been asked to do a reading at the brand new, extra funky, literary bar/cafe, The Moat, as part of a Meet The Residents night hosted by SPUNC (Small Press Underground Networking Community), and  Writers Victoria. It’s a free night, and an opportunity to meet fellow writers and publishers in Melbourne’s Indie Press scene, and looks like it’ll be the start of a fun night–and an awesome series of happenings at The Moat. Details below–hope you can make it!

When: Thursday 16th of February, 5 PM
Where: The Moat Bar & Cafe, Basement 176 Little Lonsdale Street,
Price: Free
More Information Writers Victoria