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Support NaNoWriMo–Buy a Book!

Mr Perfect on Smashwords

In support of NaNoWriMo, Matthew Lang will be donating $1 from every Mr Perfect ebook sold via Smashwords to The Office of Letters and Light from now until the end of November! So head over to Smashwords, get your copy today, and let’s raise some money for the novelling cause!

NaNo Rebel

Jumbled words of William Shakespeare

I’ve always been a bit of a rebel. Artsy, different, queer. It’s funny, but it’s taken ages for my father to accept that. For years he nagged me to either get published or go get a real career. Now that I am published, he recently said “I may not agree with you on topics, but …

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Festivals and Rumours

Big shout out to the crew of the Emerging Writers’ Festival, which saw little me take to the stage for my first ever festival appearance and panel chat. Also, I’d really like to say thank you to Carmel F, who was my pen pal artist sponsor, and in no small part responsible for the wide …

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Got Geek? Vignette Press call for submissions

Vignette Press is currently calling for submissions for it’s next indie offering: Geek Mook. mook – 1. A bound hybrid publication issued in a series. 2. Not quite a magazine, not quite a book. 3. A collection of surprising, unconventional new writing. geek – 1. An awkward or socially inept person. 2. A person obsessed …

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Jaffa Books: Call for Submissions

Brand spanking new eBook publisher Jaffa Books is still looking for novels to publish. They’re after outstanding writing in any genre, with a length over 60,000 words. From what I can see they have excellent royalty rates, and their contracts are non-exclusive after 6 months. They are brand new, and don’t have a track record …

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Top 10 Romance Novel Professions

So according to GalleyCat, there’s a new book coming up that looks at what romance novels tell us about society. According to neuroscientists Ogi Ogas and Sai Gaddam, based on an analysis of 15,000 Harlequin books, the top ten professions for romance novel straight heroes are: 1. Doctor 2. Cowboy 3. Boss 4. Prince 5. Rancher 6. Knight …

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I’m in Southern Star

Matthew Lang Interview in Southern Star Magazine

I was very excited to find out I was in Southern Star Magazine this past week. I’m on page nine and talking a bit about writing and The Secret of Talmor Manor, funnily enough. You can read the entire issue online here, or you can just click the image below to read the whole thing!

banQuet 2012 call for submissions


banQuet 2012: A feast of new writing and art by Australian Queer Women & banQuet 2012: A feast of new writing and art by Australian Queer Men The anthologies showcase a broad range of innovative, engaging quality writings and art by emerging and established queer writers/artists about LGBTIQ sex and sexualities. Challenge and surprise us. …

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Q&A @ LoveRomances Cafe

The Secret of Talmor Manor--Art by Deanna

So it was MLR Press author chat day at the LR Cafe yahoo group yesterday, and I thought I’d post the Q&A  here for you all to enjoy, or laugh at. Either one’s good really. Please tell us about yourself. What got you interested in being an author? Well, about ten years ago, I was …

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Novel Excerpt: The Secret of Talmor Manor

The Secret of Talmor Manor--Art by Deanna

Once upon a time… A long, long time ago… Over the hill and across the sea… Jake shut the third exercise book with a snap and dropped it onto the pile next to the couch. Leaning back into the coffee colored cushions, he sighed and rubbed at his eyes with one hand. Sometimes he worried …

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