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Visiting Sydney

It’s been a while since I went anywhere–near on a year actually–and I decided it was high time I had a holiday. And if I could work some actual work in with it to justify the trip to myself and the tax office, so much the better. As it turns out, my ebook cover artist, …

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Apple Update–learnings, findings and news

So on the 22nd of March, Apple quietly pulled the Exodus International ‘gay cure’ app from its App Store. This means that Apple pulled the app 5 weeks after it was initially made available (on the 15th of February) and about one week after the app sparked major controversy, leading to a 150,000 strong petition …

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Reasons I don’t like Apple #642

All right, I haven’t really gone through and numbered my reasons for disliking Apple or Apple’s products, but I’ve never made any bones about not liking Apple’s products or companies, for reasons ranging from a lack of hardware customisation options in their desktop PCs to their incredibly high price points, to their attempts to retain …

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Autographable eBooks?

Authography logo

American based company Autography LLC has come up with technology that enables authors to sign eBooks–be that in person, or remotely. Apparently the technology works using a touch enabled tablet computer–a copy of the eBook is loaded, a blank page is inserted behind the front cover, and the author is able to write, sign and …

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