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Travel Review – Qantas International Business Class, A330

When: 15th July 2016 Where: Brisbane to Tokyo I’ve grown up flying Qantas. When I was younger, my father took the Flying Kangaroo everywhere for work, and I’ve been a Qantas Frequent Flyer member since I was ten or twelve years old. Qantas likes to boast it is the Spirit of Australia, and it does …

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Vivace: Restaurant Review

Where: Level 1, 50 High Street, Auckland City Cuisine: Mediterranean Food: 5 Service: 4 Ambiance: 4 Value for Money: 4 Overall score: 4.25/5 When the word ‘honeycomb’ is written onto a menu, I instinctively think of the confectionary—take some sugar, heat it to a caramel, add sodium bicarb and watch it chunk up into a …

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Momo: Restaurant Review

Where: 115-117 Lt Bourke Street, Melbourne CBD Cuisine: Japanese Hot Pot / Sukiyaki Food: 3 Service: 4 Ambience: 5 Value for Money: 2 Overall Score: 3.5/5 Walk into Momo on Little Bourke Street on the weekend and you’ll find yourself waiting for a table. And to be honest, I’m not sure why. The food isn’t …

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Review – Spice Temple

I’ve been to Niel Perry’s Spice Temple twice now, and I figured it was time to write a review for it. I have a lot of respect for Neil Perry. He’s done wonders with the QANTAS food, is a massively internationally respected chef, and for me to feel disappointed by his food, was something I …

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Restaurant Review: Chat Thai

Beef Salad at Chat Thai

The stand out new dining experience for me in Sydney was Chat Thai in the new city Westfield shopping centre. One of a growing chain of restaurants boasting authentic Thai food, my friend Mel and I chose it on her recommendation, and because it had a queue out the front. We’d just completed the harbour …

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Restaurant Review: Mamak

Roti making at Mamak

On my very first trip to Sydney I was told by my cover artist, Richard, that I had to try this Malaysian place that did excellent roti, which was interesting because prior to that I had never had any roti in Australia that came close to comparing to the flaky goodness that you find on …

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Legally Blonde the Musical Preview, Wednesday 3rd of October

Lucy Durack peforms 'What You Want'

Legally Blonde the Musical is perhaps the biggest blockbuster musical to hit Australia since Wicked. Unlike Wicked, Legally Blonde hasn’t made it into our public consciousness, and as a result is a fresh, new and surprising show for the majority of those who see it. Coming to us via London’s West End, Australia has picked …

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Scissor Sisters-Magic Hour Tour. Sydney 27th September Sydney

NB: This review was originally published at SameSame “I’m not objectum sexual but I am objectum-curious,” Ana Matronic shouts from the stage to the delight of the audience. “And if there’s one building I’d want to do, it’s the Sydney Opera House! So to be inside her tonight…” The Scissor Sisters in concert were both …

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The Ease of Offending

The Devil Will Come by Glenn Cooper

I was recently given a copy of Glenn Cooper’s The Devil Will Come by a friend who works at a literary festival–it was a Speculative Fiction book, which is a genre he typically doesn’t read and one I often enjoy. Cooper’s book is centred around the Vatican and the Catholic faith, but unlike Dan Brown’s …

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On Saving the Universe: Mass Effect 3 Review

Mass Effect 3 Screenshot

Mass Effect 3, Bioware’s (alleged) finale to the Mass Effect Trilogy hit the shelves this March as one of the year’s most anticipated games. It has been lauded for it’s improved action sequences, branching narrative and there’s also currently a petition out there demanding that the ending be changed–after it already was changed due to …

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