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NaNo Rebel

Jumbled words of William Shakespeare

I’ve always been a bit of a rebel. Artsy, different, queer. It’s funny, but it’s taken ages for my father to accept that. For years he nagged me to either get published or go get a real career. Now that I am published, he recently said “I may not agree with you on topics, but …

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You can’t stop the beat!

Better late than never, and as a kind of anniversary thing, I went to see Hairspray the Musical today (well, technically last night, but whatevs, I’m still really happy and pumped), with my partner and my NaNo friend Mousie. And it was fantastic. Worth the wait, given I was working through the entire summer, and …

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A Response From Laura Miller

I posted last year about a letter I sent to Laura Miller in response to her Salon.com op ed piece where she (in my opinion) blasted the participants of NaNoWriMo and attacked the Office of Letters and Light. (NaNoWriMo’s parent company). This is her response to me. I have yet to send one back. In …

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An Open Letter To Laura Miller


So Laura Miller wrote an op-ed piece complaining about NaNoWriMo and how it is symptomatic of a drive towards writing and not reading, and how she (presumably as an author) has trouble with that. She complains that people are more interested in writing than reading (citing the sales of ‘how to write’ books outstripping those of fiction books) and how she had anecdotal evidence of writers who were ‘too busy to read’. She also stated that agents and publishers were bracing for the influx of un-revised, poor quality novels to their slush piles, and bemoaned those writers who do not understand the meaning of the word ‘revision’.