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Legally Blonde the Musical Preview, Wednesday 3rd of October

Lucy Durack peforms 'What You Want'

Legally Blonde the Musical is perhaps the biggest blockbuster musical to hit Australia since Wicked. Unlike Wicked, Legally Blonde hasn’t made it into our public consciousness, and as a result is a fresh, new and surprising show for the majority of those who see it. Coming to us via London’s West End, Australia has picked …

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You can’t stop the beat!

Better late than never, and as a kind of anniversary thing, I went to see Hairspray the Musical today (well, technically last night, but whatevs, I’m still really happy and pumped), with my partner and my NaNo friend Mousie. And it was fantastic. Worth the wait, given I was working through the entire summer, and …

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Q&A @ LoveRomances Cafe

The Secret of Talmor Manor--Art by Deanna

So it was MLR Press author chat day at the LR Cafe yahoo group yesterday, and I thought I’d post the Q&A  here for you all to enjoy, or laugh at. Either one’s good really. Please tell us about yourself. What got you interested in being an author? Well, about ten years ago, I was …

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