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Another Letter to Joy FM, re: Racism on Air

from: Matthew Lang <matthew@matthew-lang.com> to: wpd@joy.org.au date: 3 September 2015 at 21:43 subject: Racist remarks on C&C Drive Factory, 9th September 2015 mailed-by: matthew-lang.com Dear James Findlay, I am appalled at the recent racist remarks made on Joy on Thursday the 9th of September, 2015, around 6:30 or 6:40 PM, which implied that Chinese people …

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Matt’s Back–and Reading from The Way You Are

Matthew would like to apologise for the lack of updates here at Matthew-Lang.com, it’s been a rather stressful time over here–Matt’s been struck down with Bronchitis and then moved house. When we say moved, we mean bought and renovated, so it’s been a while since he’s managed to anything except get well and stress about …

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An Open Letter to Joy 94.9

To: feedback@joy.org.au Subject: Racist Music Choices Dear Joy FM Sometime between 3 an 4 PM today, Alex and Andy Mac put on a track that was a country style piece “About the 457 Visas” that are currently in use. I believe it was called something like “Aliens among us”. It essentially glorified segregation and suggested the …

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