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Stevie Leech Memorial Charity Twitch Stream – 4th December 2021

I started streaming on Twitch during the pandemic. Surprise! I didn’t mean to, but well, I did it as a joke and now I’m a small streamer. And I started streaming an asymmetric survival horror game called Dead by Daylight. I made a lot of new friends doing that, and I invited a lot of …

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Very limited $100 Queermance 2015 tickets available

Some of you may know that I’m the co-director of Queermance Australia, Australia’s National Queer Literary Festival. Launched in March this year, we’ve been slowly planning our next festival in April 2105. Today, Queermance passed 100 likes on Facebook. A whole 100 likes in less than six months! It’s an amazing amount of love for …

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Queermance 2014

So I’ve been neglecting my little website since November (sorry everyone), but I’ve been doing it for a very good reason – I hope. I’ve taken on the task of Festival Director for Queermance 2014, which is the first of hopefully an ongoing series of events celebrating Queer fiction and Queer Romance. We’re up and …

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New Bookshop Display!

So it looks like The Bookshop in Darlinghurst has a new window display for OzmmMeet–and I’m in there. Woo! Don’t forget, you can still register for OzmmMeet and get that 15% discount!

Matthew Attending: Goodreads M/M Romance Group February Catch Up

Matthew is planning on attending the Goodreads M/M Romance Group February catch up this Saturday the 16th of February. If you’d like to come along to chat with other readers of queer fiction–and a few Aussie Authors, like Matthew and Isabelle Rowan, feel free to come along as well. The catch up is lunch at …

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Confessions of a Drunkard: Matthew Lang’s Screen Debut

Still from Confessions of a Drunkard

So it’s the middle of NaNoWriMo, and Matthew has more or less left us to our own devices. We understand he’s passed the half way mark of 25,000 words, and is apparently four or five chapters away from finishing the draft of Prophecy, which will hopefully then make it into print after he finished editing …

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Legally Blonde the Musical Preview, Wednesday 3rd of October

Lucy Durack peforms 'What You Want'

Legally Blonde the Musical is perhaps the biggest blockbuster musical to hit Australia since Wicked. Unlike Wicked, Legally Blonde hasn’t made it into our public consciousness, and as a result is a fresh, new and surprising show for the majority of those who see it. Coming to us via London’s West End, Australia has picked …

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Shiver Your Timbers! Piratey Sale and Scav Hunt

Avast ye scurvy…readers… It’s International Talk Like a Pirate Day, and in celebration, Dreamspinner Press is offering¬†pirate anthology “Cross Bones” at 50% off and all other available ebooks at 25% off. If that’s not enough to shiver ye timbers… for all ye true pirates out there, they’ve hidden chests o’ treasure around the site. Find …

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Geekiness Ahoy

¬†With the Geek Mook launch less than twenty four hours away, we’re happy to be able to provide an update on the lineup. It looks like it’s going to be a great night, and we hope you’ll be able to join us and Matthew at the event. Comedian Ben McKenzie will be MCing the night, …

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Get Your Geek On!

Calling all geeks and lovers of geekery! Matthew’s first foray into the realms of non-fiction writing will be launched as part of Vignette Press‘ Geek Mook launch on Friday the 13th of July. For everyone who doesn’t know, Vignette Press is and Independent publishers sepcialising in Mooks, which are a hyrbid of magazine and book. …

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