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Mr. Perfect – A Lex Cranbourne Story

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It is officially the worst night of Lex’s existence. For starters, he’s dead. Notice I said, ‘for starters’. The Dead Man Walking* has been hired out by a group of Vampire geeks. And right now, Lex is really wishing he’d bothered to check their reflections in the mirror. Featuring cocktails, footnotes, three sheep and a …

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Genre: Gay Fiction Short Story Publisher: Originally published by banQuetPress Synopsis: Modern tech junkie Dirk spends his days webcamming with hot guys over gay chat sites–including today. Only today his best friend Fiona’s dragging him out for a night on the town. But is it really better meeting someone in person as opposed to over the internet? And …

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Happy Australia Day!

Australians All Let Us Rejoice… For on the 26th of January, many years ago, our country was invaded, its land claimed by a foreign power and a long running campaign to subjugate and kill its native inhabitants was instigated by a foreign power: The British. Um, actually I was meaning to say something about mateship, …

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