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  I'm a gamer, and you'll often find me playing video board and tabletop role playing games. Especially if the latter is story and character heavy. Aside from being social in the case of board and tabletop RPGs, I also find that the games I enjoy are story heavy, and at their best they're akin to an interactive novel or movie. I also find tabletop role playing games with other people to be an amazing source of inspiration. As a player, I'm participating in someone else's story, someone else's creative process. I'm also interacting with other players who are creating and developing their characters down lines that I would normally not go. And I find it a shame that games are often ephemeral, experienced in the moment when the dice are rolled and people are together and then they're gone: a small, intimate and personal story known by about five or six people, only to be recalled in memories. So I storify them. In this section of my website you'll find stories from the games I've played in and written about. They're free for the reading, often very first drafty, and sometimes they won't go any further, given that the games the stories were based on have finished. Maybe I'll come back, change names and situations and take these stories into print. Maybe I won't. But for now, they're here. Please enjoy them.

Ongoing Storified Games:

Mass-Effect_200 Stories from AngelArts' Mass Effect Collision Campaign. This campaign is being played on Roll20 and game sessions are viewable on YouTube
Anama_200 Stories from Eike Germann's Anima campaign. This campaign is being played fortnightly at The Melbourne Boardgamer and RPG Group's Thursday CBD meetups. Feel free to come along and find your own game. The game sessions are not being posted online.

Anima: The Marque’s Manor

“So, he knows we’re coming,” Tebryn said, as they walked along the road that led up to the Marque’s manor. They had exited the forest and crossed the fields of cabbages and potatoes that filled most of the island, and the gravel road left them all feeling a little exposed. “Apparently,” Max said. “Right, right,” …

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Anima: Her

The soft snick of turning ivory cylinders rang loud in the silence of the cathedral. “Would you mind not staring so hard?” Tebryn asked, the tip of his tongue sticking out the side of his mouth as he delicately turned the tumblers. “You’ll bore holes in me with your eyes soon enough.” “Get on with …

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Mass Effect: Collision Trailer

So, Mass Effect chapters have been not coming out for a while, and yes I’ve been busy with things, but the reason for that is I’ve been waiting for chapter artwork from the amazing Annah Lang. And the reason I’ve been waiting for artwork is because of this. See, the Mass Effect RPG went on …

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Anima: Allette

“Did you find anything?” Catherine asked, calling down from the top of the cliff as they made their way out of the ship. “Not sure,” Tebryn called back before anyone else could answer. “Tell you when we get up there.” Keith was first up the rope, scrambling up the rocks to the grassy top in …

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Tebryn – New Art!

So after several months of gaming in the Anima world, I finally have an idea of what Tebryn looks like in the flesh. And the fantastic Annah Lang (no relation, sadly), and player of Arkara has created this amazing piece of artwork for me! She’s already taken on the all the art for the Mass Effect …

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Drimi (Mass Effect Collision, Chapter 10)

Gunnedah Hospital was a private hospital in Zakera Ward that had been little more than a human clinic before the war, and had been the recipient of a good portion of charity money raised for the fight against the reapers at that time. Much of the money that had come in after the attack on …

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The Endurance (Mass Effect Collision, Chapter 9)

The ship was…new. And kind of shiny, with a sleek, dark finish that bore no notable markings. It was modern. Ultra-modern, even… “She’s a prototype,” Sync said as he ushered them up the central ramp and into the fairly impersonal central area. “Bedrooms aft, pick one just…stay out of the locked one please. Captains quarters on the …

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Anima: The Ship that Came In

The Church was abandoned—that was really the only way to describe it. The doors were shut tight and only a track from the road to the belltower through the waist-high grass showed the place to be visited at all—and probably by Catherine if Max was reading the situation correctly. The small graveyard was around the …

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Anima Interlude: Shadows Within Dreams

An Interlude Dieter Helsm entered the dark hall and looked across to the tall man at the far side, staring out the window over the dark courtyard beyond. At the man’s feet a black panther stretched languidly, raising his head to observe the intruder. It’s master, however, stayed as still as a statue. “Welcome, number …

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Anima: The Island of Corvinus

Maxwell DuPont woke up—if that is even the correct phrase—on a beach. At least, he thought it was a beach. There was sand, which his face was currently stuck to, and the smell of salt, and a piles of drying seaweed at what was probably the high tide mark. There was also a small crab …

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