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Matthew Lang is a twenty something queer author who resides in Melbourne, Australia.

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Don’t Blow Your Nose in Public – Matt’s Top Ten Tips for visiting Tokyo

I’ve been recently reminded that immersing yourself in a foreign culture is an act of bravery. It may not seem like it to the seasoned traveller, but leaving the familiar for the unknown where you don’t peak the language or read the signage can be scary, overwhelming, and panic inducing for the best of us. …

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Travel Review – Qantas International Business Class, A330

When: 15th July 2016 Where: Brisbane to Tokyo I’ve grown up flying Qantas. When I was younger, my father took the Flying Kangaroo everywhere for work, and I’ve been a Qantas Frequent Flyer member since I was ten or twelve years old. Qantas likes to boast it is the Spirit of Australia, and it does …

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Mass Effect Chapter 11: Alcohol+Hanar=

“I hate to advocate drugs, alcohol, violence or insanity to anyone, but they’ve always worked for me.” – Hunter S. Thompson Anar took a swig from his fourth beer and wrestled with a chip packet. It was proving surprisingly slippery, or perhaps that was just his tentacles. It wasn’t exactly easy being a sea creature …

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Anima: The Marque’s Manor

“So, he knows we’re coming,” Tebryn said, as they walked along the road that led up to the Marque’s manor. They had exited the forest and crossed the fields of cabbages and potatoes that filled most of the island, and the gravel road left them all feeling a little exposed. “Apparently,” Max said. “Right, right,” …

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Anima: Her

The soft snick of turning ivory cylinders rang loud in the silence of the cathedral. “Would you mind not staring so hard?” Tebryn asked, the tip of his tongue sticking out the side of his mouth as he delicately turned the tumblers. “You’ll bore holes in me with your eyes soon enough.” “Get on with …

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Memory Lane: Family

I’m sitting on a near empty Malaysian Airlines Plane bound for Penang from Kuala Lumpur. Outside a muggy haze covers everything, although it’s harder to see in the dying light of a sunset hidden somewhere beyond the smoggy horizon. The tarmac is concrete grey -probably actual concrete when you think of it – I wonder …

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Travel: Germany

The thing about Germany is that most people speak English and an English-German phrasebook is only so good when you’re going to Bavaria. Sure, they’ll understand you, but they use different words. ‘Ciao’ is goodbye for example. The language isn’t completely different, but well, my friends in Germany were quick to point out I didn’t …

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Travel: Thoughts on Dubai Airport

They have cars on the duty free shopping floor. Stepping off the plane into the desert heat feels a lot like my trips to Asia – that rush of warmth that smacks you in the face when you step out of the plane air conditioning and out onto the aerobridge feels very much like Hong …

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Mr. Perfect – A Lex Cranbourne Story

Mr Perfect on Smashwords

It is officially the worst night of Lex’s existence. For starters, he’s dead. Notice I said, ‘for starters’. The Dead Man Walking* has been hired out by a group of Vampire geeks. And right now, Lex is really wishing he’d bothered to check their reflections in the mirror. Featuring cocktails, footnotes, three sheep and a …

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Inheritence – A Lex Cranbourne Story

Lex Cranbourne has adjusted to his unlife as a creature of the night–mostly. The unspoken divide between the living and vampiric is sometimes hard to take, and Lex has consoled himself to a lonely life. When a hot young man dares to push past his barriers to find his buttons, Lex has to decide whether …

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