Call for Queer Fiction: banQuetpress 2013

banQuetpress Anthology: Men 2012Our fantastic friends at banQuetpress are searching for stories and artwork for their Men’s and Women’s 2013 Anthologies. They’re also looking for cover art. banQuetpress is Australia’s only dedicated queer publishing house and if you have a short story, poem or piece of art you’d like to see in print, I highly advise sending them your submissions now.


banQuet 2013: A feast of new writing and art by Australian Queer Women and
banQuet 2013: A feast of new writing and art by Australian Queer Men

These anthologies showcase a broad variety of innovative, engaging quality writings and art by emerging and established queer writers/artists/photgraphers about GLBTIQ sex and sexualities.

Challenge and surprise us. Introduce us to your complex and flawed queer protagonists and antagonists. Take us for a ride on the seamy side of GLBTIQ lives! We’d love to look at writings and images about queers falling in and out of love or bed!

banQuetpress is especially interested in works that overtly explore a diverse range of:
• sexual expressions/practices
• GLBTIQ cultures (from mainstream gay to queer sub-cultures)
• gender expression
• relationship types
• issues of sex/sexuality particular to the GLBTIQ community

banQuetpress supports community diversity.

Submission Guidelines

banQuetpress will only accept original, previously unpublished material. Please do not submit material that is being concurrently considered elsewhere.
Maximum of three pieces per author/artist.

Submission Deadline: Friday, 18 May 2012

Word Length: up to 3000 words
Art / Graphics / Images: one or a few cells/photos/images/photostory
Short Fiction Guidelines

• Well-crafted, well-written engaging short fiction – short stories, flash-fiction, etc.
• A range of genres, erotica preferred for 2013 edition.
• Scenarios and themes primarily focussed on LGBTIQ erotica, sexualities.

Non-Fiction Guidelines

• Well-crafted, well-written and accurately researched short non-fiction, personal reflections.
• Ideas, issues and information primarily focussed on LGBTIQ erotica, sexualities.
• Reviews and academic essays not accepted.
Comic Art / Graphics / Photography Guidelines

• One or a few cells/photos, one-page comic strip, photostories
• Scenarios, issues and themes primarily focussed on LGBTIQ erotica, sexualities
• Material that can be effectively reproduced/published in B/W and/or colour.
• Resolution quality at least 300dpi.

Style / Formatting Guidelines

• Please do not submit your first draft.
• Submit a ‘clean’ manuscript – that is, a manuscript that has been edited for accuracy and clarity in communication, as well as proof-read for typos. (Works accepted for publication will undergo a full editing and proof-reading process; however, your submission must demonstrate your professionalism as a writer/artist).
• Cover sheet with your legal name (essential), pen name (if applicable), title and word count on it only.
• Name must not appear anywhere on manuscript and artwork (only on cover).
• MS Word document.
• JPEG document for graphics.
• Document Filename should include title of the work.
• Standard 12 point Arial font.
• Double spacing.
• No paragraph indents.
• No headers/footers.
• Use single quotation marks for dialogue.
Cover Sheet – Author / Artist Details

Please include a cover sheet with the following information when you submit your work for consideration:
• legal name (essential) and pen name (if applicable)
• contact details: address, phone, email
• an author/artist biography paragraph (up to 150 words)
• a declaration of originality/authenticity (one per submission). For example: ‘My short story [title] is original work produced by me [name] and has not been previously published and is not currently under consideration for publication elsewhere. Signed, [type in your name].’
Submission Contact Details / Receipt / Notification

• Text submissions: by email as an attachment to
• Art Submissions: Please send us a link to your work (
• You will be notified by mid June concerning the status of your submission


• Copyright will remain with you, the author/artist
• Once the work has been published in banQuet 2013, you are free to reprint it elsewhere.
• Please acknowledge that the work was first published in banQuet 2013 in any subsequent reprint of the particular work.
Acknowledgement / Payment

At this stage, banQuet is unable to pay you, but offers:
• one comp copy of the publication
• inclusion of author/artist paragraph biog (including web details if you wish) in ‘About the Contributors’ section
• comp tickets (2) to the publication launchh, writer’s and reader’s event
• promotion of the anthology
• invitations to participate in spoken word performances held by banQuetpress.

banQuetpress are also looking for some amazing cover art–guidelines can be found on their website here.

If you would like to see examples of the work, you can purchase all the Anthologies at Hares and Hyenas, or you can just click the cover images in this post to go straight to the online webstore.

Matthew’s 2011 short story, Mr Perfect, is also available as a standalone eBook over at Smashwords.