What? Non-Fiction? Really?

So I’m being a very bad NaNoer. In addition to jumping around to work on other projects (i.e. those with deadlines), I’ve also taken writing time out to organise some blog posts with some fantastic authors with Christmas (or other holiday of your choice) stories being released that would make the ideal Christmas present–along with my new story of course. However, I’ve recently received confirmation that I will be branching out into a new field for me–the field on non-fiction. Want to know more? Check out the details below:

Tough Times for Teens Cover

True To Myself

Genre: Non Fiction / Inspirational
Publisher: Chicken Soup for the Soul (Anthology: Tough Times for Teens)
Expected Release Date: 7th February 2012

A look back at the road to happiness, as trod by me. Anything more than this would be a spoiler.

Also look out for a more writerly focused article coming out early next year (sorry, no cover art as of yet).

Minor Character Generation Tables (Geek)

Genre: Non Fiction / Writing tool
Publisher: Vignette Press (Geek Mook)
Expected Release Date: Early 2012

Sometimes you need a character. Sometimes you need a character right now. Sometimes, you need a character right now and you have no idea how to think one up. Enter the Minor Character Generation Tables. Simply take 2D10 (that’s two ten sided dice for you non-geeks) and start rolling. Who will you create today?