MCV Review: The Secret of Talmor Manor


The Secret of Talmor Manor Cover

If you grab a copy of MCV this week, you’ll find a review of The Secret of Talmor Manor inside of it.

‘Pick up a work of gay fiction these days and you’re usually reading a novel about jaded, cashed-up yuppies, who talk about little more than which nightclub has the cutest busboys. But in The Secret of Talmor Manor, Melbourne writer Matthew Lang has tried something more ambitious than this ‘his ‘n’ his towels and matching labradoodles’ approach to gay men’s lives.

The Secret of Talmor Manor is bursting with imagination and intelligence. It’s a fantasy novel, a gothic mystery and a work of modern gay fiction rolled into one.’ (Read the full review online here).

You can read an excerpt from the novel here, and don’t forget you can still enter the Goodreads Competition for an autographed copy of the book–details in the last post.

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