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Feb 10

Mass Effect Collision Chapter 24: The problem with Elcor

“So the good news: I know where your daughter is, Cicepia. The bad news is I think your father in law just rushed into a factory full of reapers.” “I’m sorry, I heard good news and then I heard good news.” – Cicepia Altus speaking to Elia’solor nar Ashru on Invictus. Before the final push …

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Feb 07

Mass Effect Collision Chapter 23: The Factory

“Your time is precious. Spend it wisely and with those who care for you.” – Justicar Samara To Elias, factories looked the same the universe over. There was something about factories that made all races tend towards the utilitarian. Actually, to be honest he’d only ever seen about four of the galactic races’ industrial architecture, …

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Jan 22

Mass Effect Collision Chapter 22: McTurian’s

“DexToC, It’s easy as 1-2-3, As simple as do re mi, DexToC, 1-2-3 Food for you and me, yeah.” – Elia’Solar vas Rannoch (Blue Universe) Invictus was dry—at least, it was dry in the capital city Shastinasio, which was located in the drier north of the planet, far away from the infamous jungle. Or at …

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Jan 12

Mass Effect Collision Chapter 21: Leaving Tuchanka

“01001000 01000101 01001100 01010000,” – Hannibal, Rogue VI on Luna, 2183 CE. After being decommissioned, Hannibal went on to become the core intelligence behind the Enhanced Defense Intelligence, now known as EDI. They were sitting in the lounge, Elias with a small robotic spider on his hand and Arkara with a bottle of beer. “Want …

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Nov 26

Mass Effect Collision Chapter 20: Friends of the Galaxy

“Science never solves a problem without creating ten more,” – George Bernard Shaw. Padok Wiks led them back through the main garden and up the large, central stairs that Arkara remembered from her last visit. They led up to the…the…how much of her memory was actually hers, she wondered. How much of it was am …

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Nov 20

Mass Effect Collision Chapter 19: New Chief; Old Friends

“They have a Krogan, why can’t we have a Krogan?” – Cat6 dropout. There was already a crowd gathered when Arkara strode out into the main compound. There were cries of ‘Where’s the Chief?’ and ‘What happened to the Chief?’ and one of the men behind her pointed towards her and said “She’s what happened …

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Aug 20

Mass Effect Collision Chapter 18: The Ones Who Fall

“It bears emphasising: our traditional ways of thinking have ignored – and virtually made invisible – the relationship between people and technology,” – Kim J. Vincente Elias looked around at the people he’d been travelling with. A turian, two krogan and a hanar. Back on the Endurance, there were two asari and a salarian doctor. …

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Feb 20

Better with Bacon – Touring the Blogosphere

Recently, I’ve been popping up all around the internet doing guests posts as part of a blog tour for my new Novella, Better with Bacon. The story itself follows David and Patrick: two best friends who have the chance to deepen their relationship. There’s just the question of Patrick’s ex showing up in his life. …

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Feb 20

Mass Effect Collsion Chapter 16: The Dormitories

“Hard to see big picture behind pile of corpses,” – Mordin Solus Getting into the compound had been easier than expected. After cautioning Otto about his speech patterns, they had set out, the storm dying down enough that sand wasn’t an issue. The voice modulator had helped them talk their way through the front gates, …

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Dec 04

Mass Effect Collision – Chapter 15: Tuchanka

“Tuchanka supports life…it’s got critters that’ll rip your guts out,” –  Urdnot Wrex From space, Tuchanka looked red and angry, with swirling storms of dust and sand, some of which were visible to the naked eye. The retrofitting of the Endurance had taken two days, and while Elias, Sync and Drimi had worked on those, …

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