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Aug 19

Writers Resources: Fictitious Phone Numbers

Phones in Writing

A short post for writers who may not be aware of this–sometimes you need to have a phone number in a story. Or a cartoon, or film, whatever. Now you can use a real one, such as when Dave Eggars initially wrote A Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius, but you might want to not have …

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Jul 27

Anima: Allette

“Did you find anything?” Catherine asked, calling down from the top of the cliff as they made their way out of the ship. “Not sure,” Tebryn called back before anyone else could answer. “Tell you when we get up there.” Keith was first up the rope, scrambling up the rocks to the grassy top in …

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Jun 08

Drimi (Mass Effect Collision, Chapter 10)

Gunnedah Hospital was a private hospital in Zakera Ward that had been little more than a human clinic before the war, and had been the recipient of a good portion of charity money raised for the fight against the reapers at that time. Much of the money that had come in after the attack on …

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Jun 06

The Endurance (Mass Effect Collision, Chapter 9)

The ship was…new. And kind of shiny, with a sleek, dark finish that bore no notable markings. It was modern. Ultra-modern, even… “She’s a prototype,” Sync said as he ushered them up the central ramp and into the fairly impersonal central area. “Bedrooms aft, pick one just…stay out of the locked one please. Captains quarters on the …

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May 15

Anima: The Ship that Came In

The Church was abandoned—that was really the only way to describe it. The doors were shut tight and only a track from the road to the belltower through the waist-high grass showed the place to be visited at all—and probably by Catherine if Max was reading the situation correctly. The small graveyard was around the …

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May 12

Anima Interlude: Shadows Within Dreams

An Interlude Dieter Helsm entered the dark hall and looked across to the tall man at the far side, staring out the window over the dark courtyard beyond. At the man’s feet a black panther stretched languidly, raising his head to observe the intruder. It’s master, however, stayed as still as a statue. “Welcome, number …

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May 10

Anima: The Island of Corvinus

Maxwell DuPont woke up—if that is even the correct phrase—on a beach. At least, he thought it was a beach. There was sand, which his face was currently stuck to, and the smell of salt, and a piles of drying seaweed at what was probably the high tide mark. There was also a small crab …

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May 05

The Officer (Mass Effect Collision Chapter 8)

Cicepia Altus half led, half followed the nondescript group of C-sec officers that slipped quietly out of the side door of the building. With Elias’ agent out front all of the reporters had scrambled to get the latest scoop, leaving them with a clear path out of the building. Elias had sent his bodyguards with …

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May 04

Anima: The Airship Part II

It would have been a slaughter. It should have been a slaughter. By rights it would have taken a few minutes to put everyone to the blade and take the airship. And it would have been had the flustered Merchant who Tebryn had already christened ‘Weasel’ in his head hadn’t brought along his rangy bodyguard. …

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May 03

Anima: The Airship Part I

If he had been conventionally sane, he’d never have taken the job. On the other hand it paid well and the chance to thumb his nose at the grand Prince Lucrecio, was too good to pass up, even if the Prince had no idea he was doing it. That was, after all, the safest way …

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