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More than Romance: Kendall McKenna

Recently Matthew had a bit of a chat to Kendall McKenna, writer of military and military werewolf stories about her books and writing, which in her own words, is about a lot more than just romance. He started by asking her why she wrote: Kendall: I write because I’ve always had stories in my head. …

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More than Romance: Ana Bosch

  Today we bring you Matthew’s interview with Author and Illustrator Ana Bosch, who considers herself a writer of more than just romance, and currently working on a trilogy about, well, why don’t you just wait and find out? Matthew began by asking her why she wrote: Ana: There are so many reasons! Primarily, I …

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More than Romance: Kim Fielding

Brute by Kim Fielding, Cover Art

Today we bring you the first in what will hopefully become a series of interviews with writers who publish under the gay romance banner, but consider their stories to be more than romance novels, much in the way Matthew’s own writing tends to not foreground romantic relationships. We are incredibly happy to present Matthew’s recent …

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