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Mass Effect Andromeda: Is it homophobia if…?

So I’ve been playing Mass Effect Andromeda blind. And I’ve been intending to upload that as a Let’s Play. And yes, I play gay men where possible because after spending nearly twenty years pretending to be straight I don’t see why I should have to do it in a video game. Bioware, as a studio …

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Not All Christians are Bigots

At a time when South Australia and Tasmania are making headway in ending marriage discrimination, our Prime Minister has agreed to be the keynote speaker at the national conference of the Australian Christian Lobby (ACL) – a group who campaign consistently against ending marriage discrimination, and who have likened the campaign for marriage equality to …

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The Gay Agenda: Run for Your Heterosexual Lives, People!

Warning. Do not watch this video if you do not want to know what the truth about the great evil that is the gay agenda.

IDAHO 2012: Where was the Teletubby?

Equal Love 2012

For the blog hop against homophobia I posted stories from the people not typically heard in the fight for equality: our straight allies. Of course, once I started filming at the Equal Love rally in Melbourne, there were a lot of other people who spoke and I believe that their stories too should be shared. …

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The Words Less Spoken: IDAHO 2012

Being invited to write a blog post for the International Day Against Homophobia aroused a large number of conflicting emotions within me–there’s just so much to talk about. There’s the attempt to make homosexuality a crime punishable by death in Uganda, our straight brothers and sisters being jailed in Russia for supporting the cause of …

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The Ease of Offending

The Devil Will Come by Glenn Cooper

I was recently given a copy of Glenn Cooper’s The Devil Will Come by a friend who works at a literary festival–it was a Speculative Fiction book, which is a genre he typically doesn’t read and one I often enjoy. Cooper’s book is centred around the Vatican and the Catholic faith, but unlike Dan Brown’s …

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Reasons I don’t like Apple #642

All right, I haven’t really gone through and numbered my reasons for disliking Apple or Apple’s products, but I’ve never made any bones about not liking Apple’s products or companies, for reasons ranging from a lack of hardware customisation options in their desktop PCs to their incredibly high price points, to their attempts to retain …

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