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IDAHO 2012: Where was the Teletubby?

Equal Love 2012

For the blog hop against homophobia I posted stories from the people not typically heard in the fight for equality: our straight allies. Of course, once I started filming at the Equal Love rally in Melbourne, there were a lot of other people who spoke and I believe that their stories too should be shared. …

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Summa Gone and New Opportunities

God I feel like I haven’t sat down to write properly in ages. It’s probably the whole Midsumma festival thing. Having recently moved back into the inner suburbs I was not only able to make my first Midsumma appearance as an author at Hares & Hyenas‘ Word is Out festival–well okay, second counting the banQuetPress …

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Matthew Lang Live: Other Worlds of Radio

The Secret of Talmor Manor--Art by Deanna

Matthew Lang will be live on blog talk Radio’s Other Worlds of Romance net radio show on the 16th of January @ 11 PM(American Eastern Standard time), or the 17th of January @3 PM Australian Eastern Standard time.  He’ll be reading an excerpt from The Secret of Talmor Manor, and will also be available for questions. …

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Midsumma is here!


It’s hard to believe, but it’s that time of the year again–the weather is starting to get hot and sweltering, and it’s looking like the heavens will bucket down on us for another wet year, but you have to make gay while the sun shines, and Midsumma is back for another season of art, culture, …

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What? Non-Fiction? Really?

Tough Times for Teens Cover

So I’m being a very bad NaNoer. In addition to jumping around to work on other projects (i.e. those with deadlines), I’ve also taken writing time out to organise some blog posts with some fantastic authors with Christmas (or other holiday of your choice) stories being released that would make the ideal Christmas present–along with …

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National Young Writers Festival–Or What I did last Weekend

The first thing I have to say is the NYWF was awesome, and everyone should go next year. The second thing I have to say is that respiratory illnesses are much less awesome, especially when they hit two days after returning. I seem to have come down with a probably-not-flu-flu-like viral infection, and although I’m no …

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In Newcastle

So I’ve arrived in Newcastle, avoiding the weather chaos in Melbourne, which I understand has stranded a number of NYWF artists there. Sadly, the crazy weather has also reached us in Newcastle, and it almost feels like Melbourne up here–four seasons in one day. Seriously looking forward to meeting even more awesome people, and getting …

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It’s Official!

The program is up and the verdict is in: Yes Matthew will be appearing in Newcastle at the National Young Writers’ Festival, doing two panels and one reading. All events are free, so there’s no excuse not to attend! Fri 30th September: Super Sad Pomo Love Story: Writing Earnest Fiction in the Ironic Age Panel: …

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Visit TRR to win a Talmor Manor eBook!

Sizzling Summer Reads @ The Romance Reviews

So The Romance Reviews are currently running a month of erotic and GLBT Sizzling Summer Reads (well, okay, it’s summer in the Northern Hemisphere), and the important news is that in about ten days, you could win an eBook copy of The Secret of Talmor Manor, or indeed some other awesome book on offer. The …

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Festivals and Rumours

Big shout out to the crew of the Emerging Writers’ Festival, which saw little me take to the stage for my first ever festival appearance and panel chat. Also, I’d really like to say thank you to Carmel F, who was my pen pal artist sponsor, and in no small part responsible for the wide …

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