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  I'm a gamer, and you'll often find me playing video board and tabletop role playing games. Especially if the latter is story and character heavy. Aside from being social in the case of board and tabletop RPGs, I also find that the games I enjoy are story heavy, and at their best they're akin to an interactive novel or movie. I also find tabletop role playing games with other people to be an amazing source of inspiration. As a player, I'm participating in someone else's story, someone else's creative process. I'm also interacting with other players who are creating and developing their characters down lines that I would normally not go. And I find it a shame that games are often ephemeral, experienced in the moment when the dice are rolled and people are together and then they're gone: a small, intimate and personal story known by about five or six people, only to be recalled in memories. So I storify them. In this section of my website you'll find stories from the games I've played in and written about. They're free for the reading, often very first drafty, and sometimes they won't go any further, given that the games the stories were based on have finished. Maybe I'll come back, change names and situations and take these stories into print. Maybe I won't. But for now, they're here. Please enjoy them.

Ongoing Storified Games:

Mass-Effect_200 Stories from AngelArts' Mass Effect Collision Campaign. This campaign is being played on Roll20 and game sessions are viewable on YouTube
Anama_200 Stories from Eike Germann's Anima campaign. This campaign is being played fortnightly at The Melbourne Boardgamer and RPG Group's Thursday CBD meetups. Feel free to come along and find your own game. The game sessions are not being posted online.

Mass Effect 3: The War Asset Number Crunching

**WARNING: THIS POST CONTAINS SPOILERS FOR MASS EFFECT 3** So earlier this month I promised to do a number crunch to see if it is possible to get the best ending in Mass Effect 3 via the single player game alone, as has been claimed by Bioware’s Jesse Houston. Whether the endings are actually any …

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On Saving the Universe: Mass Effect 3 Review

Mass Effect 3 Screenshot

Mass Effect 3, Bioware’s (alleged) finale to the Mass Effect Trilogy hit the shelves this March as one of the year’s most anticipated games. It has been lauded for it’s improved action sequences, branching narrative and there’s also currently a petition out there demanding that the ending be changed–after it already was changed due to …

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