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  I'm a gamer, and you'll often find me playing video board and tabletop role playing games. Especially if the latter is story and character heavy. Aside from being social in the case of board and tabletop RPGs, I also find that the games I enjoy are story heavy, and at their best they're akin to an interactive novel or movie. I also find tabletop role playing games with other people to be an amazing source of inspiration. As a player, I'm participating in someone else's story, someone else's creative process. I'm also interacting with other players who are creating and developing their characters down lines that I would normally not go. And I find it a shame that games are often ephemeral, experienced in the moment when the dice are rolled and people are together and then they're gone: a small, intimate and personal story known by about five or six people, only to be recalled in memories. So I storify them. In this section of my website you'll find stories from the games I've played in and written about. They're free for the reading, often very first drafty, and sometimes they won't go any further, given that the games the stories were based on have finished. Maybe I'll come back, change names and situations and take these stories into print. Maybe I won't. But for now, they're here. Please enjoy them.

Ongoing Storified Games:

Mass-Effect_200 Stories from AngelArts' Mass Effect Collision Campaign. This campaign is being played on Roll20 and game sessions are viewable on YouTube
Anama_200 Stories from Eike Germann's Anima campaign. This campaign is being played fortnightly at The Melbourne Boardgamer and RPG Group's Thursday CBD meetups. Feel free to come along and find your own game. The game sessions are not being posted online.

The Officer (Mass Effect Collision Chapter 8)

Cicepia Altus half led, half followed the nondescript group of C-sec officers that slipped quietly out of the side door of the building. With Elias’ agent out front all of the reporters had scrambled to get the latest scoop, leaving them with a clear path out of the building. Elias had sent his bodyguards with …

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Anima: The Airship Part II

It would have been a slaughter. It should have been a slaughter. By rights it would have taken a few minutes to put everyone to the blade and take the airship. And it would have been had the flustered Merchant who Tebryn had already christened ‘Weasel’ in his head hadn’t brought along his rangy bodyguard. …

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Anima: The Airship Part I

If he had been conventionally sane, he’d never have taken the job. On the other hand it paid well and the chance to thumb his nose at the grand Prince Lucrecio, was too good to pass up, even if the Prince had no idea he was doing it. That was, after all, the safest way …

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Possibilities (Mass Effect Collision Chapter 7)

The days and nights passed in a blur of concerts, sleeping and carefully looking after his health to ensure he was able to perform the next one and the one after that and before he knew it, Elias was backstage waiting for the curtain to go up on his final show. He’d done so many …

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New Digs (Mass Effect Collision, Chapter 6)

Neo-Citadel 2191 CE On the citadel, Elias found himself escorted to his newly rented apartment by Chask and Markanis, the two bodyguards who’d been with him since winning the tv show. Chask was a Krogan who did most of the talking, and Markanis spoke so little that Elias had wondered at first if the Turian …

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Quarian’s Got Talent (Mass Effect Collision, Chapter 5)

Thessia 2191 CE Elias put the small holographic image of himself and Corbin back onto the table. He was older now. Not much chronologically, but the simple life in New Orleans-Lafayette seemed more distant than a mere eighteen months. He sighed as he stared into the mirror. He was amazed that he didn’t need his …

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Change (Mass Effect Collision Chapter 4)

When Elias reached the door, he found it ajar, and a flicking yellow glow spilling out into the corridor. Pausing, he stopped, and listened, but only heard the TV playing a movie in the background. It sounded like a… Corbin had called them ‘chick flicks’ if the giggles and soundtrack was anything to go by. …

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Alien Friends (Mass Effect Collision Chapter 3)

Friend. It wasn’t that the word was unheard of, but Elias had never previously applied it to an alien. He’d grown up on the flotilla, of course, and his first understanding of alien races had come from systems that would give the fleet a ‘gift’ to go away, governments and companies that would call them …

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Jupiter’s (Mass Effect Collision Chapter 2)

On Saturday morning, Elias found himself standing before a faded red door in a clean but spartan hallway. “Well, this is the place,” Corbin said. “It ain’t much, but I figure it’s better than a boardin’ house.” “It’s on a main road with street-lighting,” Elias said. “That’s a step up in my books.” Out of …

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Pilgrimage: Earth (Mass Effect Collision, Chapter 1)

Note: This is the start of a storified tabletop rpg campaign entitled Mass Effect: Collision. It is watchable on YouTube and run by AngelArts. Earth, March 2188 CE New Orleans-Lafayette was what happened after sea level rises and the effects of increasingly frequent hurricanes lashed the Louisiana bayous, all but sinking the old city of New Orleans. …

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