Mass Effect: Collision Trailer

So, Mass Effect chapters have been not coming out for a while, and yes I’ve been busy with things, but the reason for that is I’ve been waiting for chapter artwork from the amazing Annah Lang. And the reason I’ve been waiting for artwork is because of this. See, the Mass Effect RPG went on hiatus on account of real life events (like our GM getting married, congrats guys!), and we I messaged Annah saying ‘Hey, I have this cool idea. We could make a trailer for our game that would also show up in game as a trailer for the reality vid show that’s being created in game…but…that would mean you doing a ton of drawing…’
And she said okay. I don’t know why. But she did.

So…I wrote a script, got all the players to record some lines, and contacted Andrew Armstrong, AKA Dawnforged Cast on youtube who featured in Hark’s Dragon Age campaign as a narrator…and Annah completed the art about an hour before the game we needed it for. The video description went up with minutes to spare. I hope you like it. It’s the first video I’ve actually scripted and directed, and we went through sixteen edits before we were happy with the story. I hope you like it.