National Novel Writing Month – Take 5




I’ve been so amazingly busy with Get Your ROCS Off, the Queermance Fundraiser, that I’ve managed to nearly forget that it’s the end of October — actually it’s Halloween tomorrow of all things. And November means National Novel Writing Month–my fifth attempt, and hopefully fifth success. For those of you who already know what NaNoWriMo is and are patiently waiting for me to upload my rebel scorecard, you can download it here:

NaNoWriMo Rebel Report Card

This scorecard works whether you’re a rebel or not, and I realised as I was editing it that I didn’t really need to make a 2014 version, and then a 2015 version and so on – the only difference between them and the 2013 version is the year in the title area of the spreadsheet. So I removed the year – you can either come back and download a fresh copy next year or save a master copy and keep using that until I come up with a better version.

For anyone who doesn’t know, National Novel Writing Month is November, where writers try to write 50,000 words of a manuscript–or a 50,000 word manuscript–just because. No judgement, no editing, no expectations. Just words, words, words.

Personally I use it to work on whatever story or stories I have going at the moment, and this year I have three–an anti-valentines day contemporary story about two friends who have a chance at more, an urban fantasy story with dragons just because, and a young adult story about what happens when you find out you’re more than you think. I’ve also got a concept I’m playing with called ‘Escape From the Breeding Colony’ as a working title, but it’s little more than a concept at the moment. It has aliens though. Too many projects, not enough time. Still, 50,000 words will go nicely towards any of them.

In any case, apologies to anyone who was waiting on the new scorecard, and I’ll see you at the write ins around Melbourne if you’re local. If you aren’t, may your inner editor be silenced for the next month.