The Secret of Talmor Manor: Reviews!

The Secret of Talmor Manor--Art by DeannaI’m rather excited at the moment! Some of the first reviews for The Secret of Talmor Manor have come in and it’s not doing too badly! But don’t take my word for it–take theirs:

Golden Nib Award at Miz Love Loves Books
“This book is bloody brilliant. It has great writing, humour, a superb plot that weaves its way into your heart and mind, and a fabulous ending.

I loved the historical aspect and lapped up the visuals when Jake visits Talmor Manor in his dreams. The quality of visuals in his dream-like state are nothing short of marvellous—it’s creepy in a way, yet at the same time it’s like Jake is meant to be there so it’s okay. I smelled the musty air, saw the dark feel of the place, and absolutely adored the scene with the cook who made Jake some food. God, I really did like this book very much. There’s so much to talk about that I could go on all day…” (read the full review at Miz Love Loves Books)

4 out of 5 stars at The Romance Reviews
“Spare a thought for Nathaniel Norwich. One moment, he’s an Edwardian lord whose manor has become imprisoned by a witch’s spell, and the next moment he’s landed on Jake’s living-room carpet in modern-day Melbourne. Oh, and he never thought he was gay. A tangled web?” (read the full review at The Romance Reviews)

In case you missed it, The Secret of Talmor Manor is available from:

Don’t forget you can still enter the Goodreads Competition for an autographed copy of the book–details in the last post.