In Newcastle

So I’ve arrived in Newcastle, avoiding the weather chaos in Melbourne, which I understand has stranded a number of NYWF artists there. Sadly, the crazy weather has also reached us in Newcastle, and it almost feels like Melbourne up here–four seasons in one day. Seriously looking forward to meeting even more awesome people, and getting into the swing of things up in Newy (as Newcastle is affectionately known).

I’ve also been roped into a few other events. The first is the Small Press Status Update:

Monday 3rd October: Small Press Status Update

Panel: 12:00-13:00
Location: Festival Club, The Great Northern Hotel, 89 Scott Street, Newcastle East

Printing options? Funding structure? Every small press is different and we want to know how. If you don’t work for a small press, here’s your chance to find out what the deal is. And if you do, NYWF is here to give you a cuddle and a big cup of milo.

Facilitator: Greg Gould (Blemish Books)
Artists: Voiceworks; Simon Gray; Matthew Lang…and everyone else

I’m possibly also appearing on Writer Wants a Wife, assuming enough other men who like men sign up as prospective dates. So if you know anyone who wants a chance to go on date with Mr Fantastic Me, get them in touch with the NYWF team and who knows, you could watch it all get video taped and put on youtube. Which would certainly be interesting.

Of course, it’s rather late notice, so nothing may come of this at all, but who knows. Life is all about surpises after all! Cheers to everyone I’ve met so far and here’s to a fantastic festival!